Full Length "Test Your Limits" Program Promotional Video (2013) 

 30 Second "Test Your Limits" Commercial #1 (2013) 

 30 Second "Test Your Limits" Commercial #2 (2013) 

 Full Length "Adventure of a Lifetime" Program Promotional Video (1994) 

 30 Second "Adventure of a Lifetime" Commercial (1994) 

 Full Length "Lanes to the Sea" Program Promotional Video (1980) 


Naval Sea Cadets participating in the Sea Cadet Surface Warfare School train in the

U.S. Navy damage control wet trainer - USS Buttercup - aboard Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island. (2007)


Naval Sea Cadets participated in a Search and Rescue (SAR) operation in 

Cambria, California during their SAR / EMT-B training. (2006)